Mentoring and Advice

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1 hour mentoring and advice

  • Advice on how to stand out from your competitors by being inclusive

  • How to grow a customer base and making sure to include everyone

  • Discuss how to keep consistent being accessibility online

  • Make a schedule and plan how to make sure your content is accessible

Cheryl is with a lady wearing a pink dress and they are talking and writing notes. Behind them is a blue wall and large black and white painting of a lady looking shocked. There are lots of cushions and plants too

I am profoundly deaf and have been since birth. I wore hearing aids for 30 years and 4 years with cochlear implant. I have experienced so much with both and used lots of technology and I know what works best. Sometime there is equipment to help deaf people that have a mild hearing loss but wouldn't work with a profound loss.

I started my own business when I was 18. I have always been interested in the business side and worked 13 years in a career as a graphic designer. Having experience in both business and having a career has given me lots of knowledge and understanding of how important it is that we are inclusive and are able to have a good reputation.

£90 per session

if interested in mentoring please contact me below